What are anabolic steroids?

In general, anabolic steroids are hormones. These hormones are responsible for male characteristics development, which are sex potency, libido, muscle growth, fat burn, energy, hair growth and increases protein synthesis.

All of these hormones appear naturally in each individual. However, here we are talking about synthetic hormones, which are produced in laboratories. Many of the artificially created hormones are used in treating diseases such as problems with appetite, induce male puberty and so on. In sports, anabolic steroids are used to increase energy, stamina, muscle growth or recovery. Usage of these substances increases the performance of the athletes. Due to this reason usage of anabolic steroids is banned in most of the sports, moreover it is monitored by international anti-doping committees.

Today it is not a secret that professional sportsmen are closely linked to usage of steroids. Anabolic steroids are banned in some countries, or controlled a lot. Most of the steroids you can get by prescription. There are anabolic steroids in the black market, but the quality of it is a question. Special-supplements verifies that our sold production is highly controlled in quality.


Are anabolic steroids safe?

This question is very controversial. Firstly, let’s take into account how many people die per year from cigarettes and alcohol. This number reaches over millions per year. If we talk about steroids, the answer is very scarry. There are almost none reported deaths due to steroids. Look at professional bodybuilders or any other sports athletes, do they complain about their health? No, but of course, there are some cases of harsh steroids abuse. So here it comes. Every medicine has its appropriate usage. And abusing any medicine, in this case steroids are taken into same category may result in very bad side effects or even death. Steroids do increase workload for your organism, however if you use them responsibly there would be no risk. Main factor is the effect to your liver. You need to take into account that your liver needs to process excess amount of substance you put into your body, therefore alcohol usage with steroids is a strong NO.

We can’t say that anabolic steroids have no side effects at all. If we compare aspirin and methandienone pills, the Aspirin is much more dangerous than any anabolic steroids. Steroids are only dangerous when they are taken for very long time or big dosage. The problem is when you start taking anabolic steroids, your natural hormones may stop producing. After the course you must to recover your natural hormones levels. It is important to have a good post-cycle-therapy after each course to eliminate side effects.

In the end, I could say that if anabolic steroids are taken responsibly there would be no risk.


What are SARMS?

SARMS are pretty new developed alternative to steroids. They are still legal in most of the countries. SARMS or Selective androgen receptor modulators were developed the have the same effect as steroids, but with minimal or almost none side effects.

Human Growth Hormone

Known as HGH or GH already for many years has been serving as one of the main compounds in success of bodybuilding. HGH has been successfully used to increase the power, lean body mass, and overall physical condition of bodybuilders. Everyone has human growth hormone as natural compound in their bodies. At young age, the level of human growth hormone is the highest. It is responsible for individual’s growth. As you age, the HGH level in your systems starts to reduce, therefore you stop growing so fast. At some point level of HGH stabilizes and as the age passes it starts to reduce.

In bodybuilding, HGH helps to increase muscle regeneration, increase lean body mass, strength and increase sleep quality. Moreover it strengthens the effect of other steroids. Lastly, HGH is one of the most safe substances to use, in regards to its minimal side effects to the body. These benefits, makes HGH one of the the most popular and wanted substances in bodybuilding.

Buy steroids online

Buying steroids online is now easiest way to get steroids for below market price. However there are plenty of website offering fake production. It is advised to do some research about the products which are sold online. Moreover quality pharma producers provide unique product codes which can be checked in their main website.

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